Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (Cufta)

(a) conduct a review in July 2019 of the origin of products for which preferential tariff treatment is requested under a free trade agreement, with the exception of a free trade agreement under point 1.1 in July 2019, and The Ukrainian President, Mr Zelensky, announced a reciprocal commitment to extend and modernize CUFTA. The modernization of CUFTA increases the benefits of the agreement to Canadians by diversifying and expanding Canada`s preferential access to Ukraine and promoting an inclusive trade approach to widely disseminate the benefits of trade. The modernization of CUFTA would also help strengthen the rules-based international system and encourage the development of global value chains, thereby strengthening Canada`s connectivity with the region. Read CUFTA`s text and learn more about the agreement. Public consultations focus on how best for Canada to prioritize and continue possible negotiations on the modernization of CUFTA, including in areas such as services, investment and inclusive trade. This consultation will help the government understand any issues or concerns relevant to modernization negotiations. (d) the removal of barriers to trade in goods and services in order to contribute to the harmonious development and expansion of world trade and regional trade; Following the entry into force of CUFTA, 86% of Ukrainian imports from Canada have been exempt from tariffs and the remaining tariff benefits are expected to be imported by January 1, 2024. In the meantime, Canada immediately eliminated tariffs on 99.9% of imports from Ukraine, and Canada Tariff Finder was designed to help Canadian businesses, importers and exporters more easily find customs information for products with harmonized system codes. 3. Preferential tariff treatment under a free trade agreement covered in point 1.1 may be refused or withdrawn from goods in the following circumstances: the agreement reaffirms Canada`s and Ukraine`s obligations under the WTO agreement, which recognizes the right of members to take the necessary measures to protect people, animals or plants or human health.

However, these measures must be based on scientific evidence and not create unwarranted trade restrictions. Canadian and Ukrainian officials will facilitate communications and quickly resolve SPS issues to ensure that the market access gains provided by the agreement remain unchallenged. After three years of free trade between Canada and Ukraine, the results are impressive for companies in the targeted sectors. Diversifying trade and investment with key markets around the world is a priority for the Canadian government. The government is also committed to strengthening Canada`s relationship with existing partners in the free trade agreement. The agreement includes obligations to reduce border administrative burden through simplified customs procedures, rapid clearance for express shipments, and officials working together to converge data and documentation and verification requirements. Both parties ensure absolute transparency on the rules and legislation relating to the import and export of goods, seek public/stakeholder consultation on the proposed regulations, and maintain contact points for interested parties requesting information on trade issues.

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