Disagreement Process Definition

As a leadership coach, I spend a lot of time working with my clients to help them manage communication disorders – and really, a lot of disagreements come down to a breakdown in communication. 5. Take responsibility for your own feelings. Especially in heated disagreements, it`s easy to make accusations, blame, and make excuses. To do this, you must be honest with yourself and take full responsibility for your own feelings and interpretations that may have contributed to the collapse. Referring to a revision of the definitions of organizational conflicts in 1990 by Robert A. Baron[5], Afzalur notes that all definitions of conflicts encompass known opposing interests and the process of attempting to stop opposing opinions or points of view. On this basis, Afzalur`s definition of conflict is „an interactive process that manifests itself in incompatibility, disagreement or dissonance within or between social entities.“ Afzalur also notes that a conflict can be limited to an individual in conflict per se (the intra-personal conflict). Afzalur lists some manifestations of conflicting behavior, starting with disagreements, followed by verbal abuse and interference. [2] Here are seven very simple but effective ways I`ve learned over the years to manage disagreements productively.

3. Look for similarities, not differences. Working with my clients, I`ve discovered that the best way to resolve a disagreement is to look for commonalities. If you focus on the differences, the space becomes wider, but if you find what you have in common, it helps bridge the gap. The next time you disagree, look for a point of convergence – even if you need to stretch. In the event of an evil problem, timelines can sometimes be quite long and encompass a large number of activities and tasks for different purposes. Some activities are intended to give rise to more questions, others need to be added and some will eventually become a definitive solution. Designers need to be passionate enough about the problem, the process, and the output to know when to stop – they need to know when they`re satisfied.

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