Due Diligence Services Agreement

Another type of due diligence is asset DD. Asset diligence reports typically contain a detailed schedule for capital goods and their locations (if possible, a physical check), all equipment lease agreements, a schedule of sales and purchases of significant capital goods over the past three to five years, real estate documents, mortgages, title lines, and usage authorizations. Due to the complexity of mergers and acquisitions, the due diligence process can take several weeks to months. The first step in the process is to form a team responsible for due diligence. To ensure that the process is executed correctly, the buyer needs a team of legal and financial experts with specific M&A knowledge. A due diligence team is usually made up of investors, accountants, lawyers, personal consultants and possibly other service providers based on the industry in which your business is located. Tax liability due diligence includes an audit of all taxes that the company must pay and the guarantee of its correct calculation without the intention of subjecting the tax. Also check the status of a tax procedure pending before the tax authorities. The duty of care in environmental regulations is very important, because if the company violates an important rule, local authorities can exercise their right to sanction the company, until the operational closure. This makes environmental assessments one of the main types of due diligence for any real estate owned or leased by the company. The following should be carefully considered: Due Diligence is a review or analysis of a potential investment in order to confirm facts that may have a direct impact on a buyer`s decision to merge or make a purchase. . .


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