Huawei Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Manager measures and diagnoses network performance. You can create SLA tasks to regularly monitor network delay, jitter and packet loss rate, and calculate the compatibility of SLA services on the live network. Managing ALS services allows you to define ALS levels. This module contains 24 predefined models for general services such as Voice over IP (VoIP), video and data services. You can adjust the compliance threshold and performance indicator threshold for network quality based on network conditions and operating and maintenance requirements. ALS recovers returned test case values using the NQA protocol provided on network devices and provides 10 types of test cases based on specific service and network testing requirements. This allows high-precision, high-frequency on-demand testing to be implemented quickly to locate errors. Service Credit: If Huawei Cloud does not meet the service availability requirement outlined in this ALS, you are entitled to obtain a service credit as described below, which is the only and exclusive remedy for performance or service availability issues under the customer agreement and this ALS. Application time: You can claim a service credit in any service cycle after the invoice has been paid. The application must be filed within two (2) months from the end of the service cycle in which the incident that is the subject of the claim occurred. Applications that exceed the deadline are not accepted.

Huawei Cloud will conduct an appropriate assessment of all the information available to us and will determine in good faith whether the service credit is in possession of the service loan. Huawei`s improvement service focuses on the availability, efficiency and service performance of the ICT infrastructure. These services provide end-to-end improvement solutions for IP networks, transportation networks, wireless networks and computer systems. The service significantly reduces the problems associated with the O-M complexes, allowing users to focus on what they can do best: their core business. Historical service quality data, such as overall compliance and data from a single performance indicator, are displayed in diagrams. You can click on an SLA task name on the SLA task page to move to the historical data page of that task. Application method: You can claim a claim in the Huawei Cloud User Center available in With an experienced technical team behind the platform, the support service – based on the ITIL-V3 – ensures high efficiency, safety and reliability.

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