Peace Agreement Between Uae And Israel Name

Negotiations took place closely at the White House, with a limited number of officials unaware. Thursday`s meetings and phone calls were either cut off from schedules or listed in obscure language, according to an administrative official. Kushner said a tentative agreement was reached a week ago and that the final details of the so-called „Abraham Agreement“ were finalized Wednesday, according to the figurative figure of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The parties recognize the important role of science, technology and innovation in the growth of several key sectors and strengthen joint action and cooperation in scientific and technological progress. These include promoting scientific cooperation and exchanges, including between scientists, research institutions and academic institutions, the creation of common research and development centres, and research on the possibility of joint funding of research and research projects in certain areas of common interest. On August 16, 2020, the Financial Times wrote that instead of bringing about peace, the agreement will reinforce palestinian sense of despair and create more problems in the future, as the Israeli and U.S. authorities „have shown no interest in a fair solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.“ [165] Amira Hass wrote that the agreement was the result of the Palestinian Authority`s continued neglect of relations with the United Arab Emirates. According to hate, diplomatic relations were severed in 2012 by the PLO to deny the UAE`s good relations with Mohammed Dahlan, the political enemy of PLO President Mahmoud Abbas. The PNA`s animosity towards the UAE continued to June 2020, when the PLO rejected aid sent by the UAE during the COVID-19 pandemic, by the grounds that it was it was felt without prior agreement and through an Israeli airport. Hatred is a PLO more concerned with domestic politics than with governance, which contributes to economic decline and strained external relations. [164] The parties recognize the need for mutually beneficial cooperation for the development of telecommunications, information and postal services. They note the creation of direct communications services, including telephone lines, between them, and agree to promote direct mail exchanges, submarine cables and e-commerce solutions, as well as the use of available satellite systems, fibre optic communications and broadcasting services, in accordance with relevant international conventions and regulations. The parties will work to develop a framework for ICT innovation, including advanced fixed and wireless communications, cooperation in 5G networks, smart cities and the use of ICT solutions to promote innovation and the creation of the best services.

Stressing that the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE is in the interests of both peoples and contributes to the cause of peace in the Middle East and the world, „Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem all had their own good reasons to find a way to open the door to formal relations, but there is no doubt that today`s announcement is also a blessing for Donald Trump“ said Tamara Cofman Wittes, a former State Department employee. Despite this, she said, the two nations also seemed to be positioning themselves for a possible Biden victory by eliminating the topics from the table. „It seems that Bibi and MbZ both placed their bets for November,“ she said, who used nicknames for Israeli and Emirati leaders. The agreement was a major political turnaround for Mr. Netanyahu, who has long insisted on expanding settlements in the occupied West Bank in an effort to annex the territory.

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