Post Judgment Payment Agreement

Use our Do-It-Yourself Motion for Rate Payment Plan Tool to prepare your movement. For more information on how to get a staggered payment plan, see a staggered payment plan. 60. This is not the case in Scotland, where the courts judge late interest at the time of decision and interest at the contractual rate of the delay in capital until payment. If the judgment is rendered in this form, the borrower`s compliance with a repayment plan for the payment of the judgment debt would automatically comply with its contractual obligations. This would avoid the injustice that occurs if a borrower who cannot afford to pay the payments necessary to meet his contractual obligations is required to offer lower or less sufficient rates to meet the judgment and (because he can afford to) apply for an exemption when he is subject to other proceedings. However, if the debtor resides in the property, the debtor has a „home exemption“ that may make it difficult to sell the debtor`s home, see below. Even if the property is sold, the judgment debtor has certain rights to recover the property. It should be noted that the forced sale of real estate is usually by auction. The actual purchase value at an auction is significantly less than the actual market value of the property. This means that a creditor could impose a sale, but the sale would not result in enough money to cover the right to legal wagering after other secured creditors and farm exemptions were paid. This is a danger that a judge must consider in deciding whether to pursue a sale.

If you are issuing something, make sure that all the details are available in writing. The agreement must include due dates, payment deadlines (if applicable), if and how interest is generated, where you must send payments, what type of payment is accepted and to whom you must make the payments. Make sure you have detailed statements and proof of your payments. This toolkit will show you how to implement a staggered payment plan and pay for a judgment over time. You`ll find general information about this process and your options in the articles. Read the general questions if you have a particular question. If you want to ask the court for a staggered payment plan, use the form link to prepare your forms. The checklist below contains step-by-step instructions for requesting a staggered payment plan. Go to Courts and Agencies for information about the court or agency that will handle your case. A debtor still has all the exemption rights applicable to additional funds in the account above the amount of the last two months of electronic direct contribution of federal benefits, but must go to court to enforce these exemptions.

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