Service Learning Agreement Template

Student Academic Field Experience for Credit Liability Insurance Program (SAFECLIP) – for students who perform general interest services or volunteer for academic credit. For more information, contact Campus Risk Management. (Updated in August 2020) This is your one-handed guide to developing your service learning course. This document from the Northwest Indian College Center for Service Learning offers an excellent command invite in the development of your service learning course. It leads the faculty to take into account aspects such as students` course and learning goals, preparation, reflection, program integration and other important factors. It is worth taking a look at each faculty member who is considering the development of a service learning course. As a reminder, for SAFECLIP or SPLIP insurance to cover students, there must be a fully signed agreement; Make sure an agreement is executed before the service learning experience begins. Willamettes Mark O. Hatfield Library contains a number of service learning materials.

The Compact Resource Library Campus for Teachers contains hundreds of service learning programs organized by field. It`s worth exploring if you`re looking for service models or course integration ideas! CSL has put together a variety of templates, worksheets and links to help you develop your service learning course. Our resources are organized in the following categories: (Click on a link to access this category.) This worksheet can be used as a guide if you are working with your community partner to develop a partnership agreement. This document follows the example of a partnership agreement/MOU mentioned for the community partnership framework on campuses and is adapted using a worksheet in the university`s toolkit, available in the „Course Planning and Syllabus Development“ section on this page. This partnership agreement/MOU from the Indiana University School of Dentistry provides a simple and formal example of an agreement you are developing with a community partner. Feel free to change this model to change your needs as you develop your course. For instructions on developing your own partnership agreement, please contact the Higher Education toolkit for a development worksheet! Whenever a student, in combination with a credit course, has a learning experience outside of learning campus services, a learning service (SLA) is required to protect the student and the university.

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