Turkey Maritime Agreement With Libya

Josep Borrell, Vice-President of the European Commission, said that the agreement signed by Turkey and Libya is a violation for third countries and that it is not in line with the law of the sea. [13] The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, wanted to create a diplomatic movement to repeal the agreement between Turkey and Libya. He also said that this move would not include military options. [14] Greece opposed the UN and extorted the Libyan ambassador in response to the deal, angry at a pact that bypasses the Greek island of Crete and violates its eleven continent. [15] In addition, there have been increasing reports of mercenaries from the Russian Wagner group, who are the weak link in the balance in favor of Haftars, have sparked Washington`s fears of growing Russian influence in the region, leading to speculation that the US has given the green light to NATO`s deal with Turkey. The timing of Turkey`s new military support comes with the GNA, with increasing airstrikes in Tripoli. The maritime agreement between Turkey and Libya was largely a response to the Eastern Mediterranean Forum, created in 2019 with seven member states, of which Turkey is not one. In order to preserve its interest in the region, Ankara concluded, on 27 November, the agreement with the Libyan GNA in due form; it was ratified by the Turkish Parliament on 5 December. Ankara then submitted the agreement to the UN for registration to protect its rights from unilateral and illegal activities by other countries and international companies.

Turkey is a member of the United Nations and the Libyan GNA is recognized by the international organization. Therefore, criticisms such as „If there were a relationship with the Haftar [Khalifa] regime, if Turkey signed an agreement with Haftar, it would be better“ have no legal basis, since the GNA is a transitional government in Libya created as part of the Libyan political agreement, a UN-led initiative, signed on December 17, 2015. . .

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