Under Any Collective Agreement Within The Meaning Of The Industrial Relations Act

71 The House may refuse the injunction in Part 9 for a case rendered after that party if it considers that it is fair and just in light of the inappropriate conduct of the person seeking the warrant. 2. The Advisory Committee`s provision provides that the parties regularly consult, during the duration of the agreement, workplace issues relating to the parties or a worker related to the agreement. (a) a union that is a party to a collective agreement but is not certified to the workers it covers may at any time request certified information that is compliant and (a) that ceases or ceases after the previous date of the notice of publication of collective bargaining and the date on which negotiations begin, (a) when the parties have jointly requested the difference and , if possible, the arbitrator must make an oral decision within one day of the conclusion of the oral proceedings; (b) a trade union council composed of unions that are parties to collective agreements may at any time be authenticated in place of these unions. (g) interpret and enforce any law governing the working relationship of persons connected to the collective agreement, even if the provisions of the law are contrary to the provisions of the collective agreement, and (5) If one of the parties requires it from the deputy president or if the minister directs it, the mediator must report on the collective agreement to the associate president and the parties. , and the report may contain recommended billing conditions. 6. The House may, on request or by law, make a designation specifying the place or place where the commission may be conducted, which is authorized by paragraph 3 or paragraph 4. 36 If collective bargaining with a business is governed by Canadian law and the business or part of it is sold, leased, transferred or otherwise divested and is subject to B.C. law, Section 35 applies and the purchaser, tenant or purchaser is bound by a collective agreement in force as of the date of the order. 40 (1) Subject to paragraph 2 of Section 17, all workers in a collective agreement unit, whether they are members of the union or a union union, may participate in the votes of a union of their members on whether they are on strike or whether they accept or ratify a proposed collective agreement. the person may testify in a procedure under this code, or because the person has made a disclosure or is in the process of making a disclosure that may be required of the person in a procedure under this code, or because the person has made an application, filed a complaint or exercised a right conferred by that code. , or because the person has participated in or is in the process of participating in a procedure under that code.

to participate. 2. Where the termination of collective bargaining has taken place and the duration of a collective agreement between the parties has expired, the employer or union, unless the other agrees, cannot amend any clause or condition of employment until an arbitrator or arbitration body proceeds and concludes the arbitration as quickly as possible. , taking into account the interests of the parties, and makes an arbitration award within three months of the date of appointment of an arbitrator.

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