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Users can also send an email to PUBG Mobile ( and describe the issue and request that the block be lifted. For more information, see: – software that bypasses the game services – programs that change the game in one way or another (even if it is not used to cheat)- programs used to monitor, obtain information from the game or services, etc. – Cheats, macros, etc. for other games and not for PUBG is always a violation of the game services Purchase by an unauthorized service constitutes a direct violation of the user PUBG MOBILE and may result in the loss of all illegal purchases and/or blocking of accounts depending on its severity. Since then, PUBG Corporation has ended all release relationship with Tencent Games in Shenzhen, India, announced a new version of the PUBG Mobile India game, specially designed for the Indian market with a virtual simulation field, dressed characters and green tube effects to reflect its virtual nature, while trying to address concerns about user data through a global partnership with M`s Azure cloud platform to eliminate icrosoft. All this, in addition to investing US$100 million to „cultivate the local video game, eSports, entertainment and IT industry“ through parent company Krafton and the creation of an Indian subsidiary to „improve communication and services with players“. Tencent Games has a strict policy against fraud and to maintain the spirit of the game, and they have taken several measures, such as banning users who use illegal software, and more. But sometimes users get blocked for unusual reasons. In this article, we will discuss how to lift the blocking of a PUBG Mobile account. PUBG Mobile has set the standard for Battle Royale games on the mobile platform.

Millions of users around the world play it, and they spend a lot of time hanging out to be the best. However, some scammers ruin the entire BR experience. Therefore, the developers have made many changes to ensure that players can enjoy a fair gameplay experience. PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were blocked/banned in India in September, allegedly participating in activities affecting India`s sovereignty and integrity, India`s defence, state security and public order. The main concern of these mobile apps/games from China seemed to be the collection of user data and the unauthorized sending of this data to locations outside of India. I received clips, screenshots, ready to check in with another phone, but tencent support is fully automated The ministry did not respond to additional requests in the RTI app – via MediaNama – including the question of whether Krafton Inc. or pubg corporation had requested permission to relaunch PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile India and the list of conditions before the two companies, to authorize the application. If players were blocked due to the use of illegal tools, claims and claims would not be taken into account. For security reasons, we do not specify the details/reasons for the ban….

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